Epsilon Electronics California Info

09/12/2015 14:33

Epsilon Electronics Inc. is within the industry of manufacturing audio and video products for your automotive industry. Therefore they are completely conscious that the only constant of their field is change.

Some of the products Epsilon Electronics Inc. proposes to the market are amplifiers, subwoofers, speaker, caps and wire, processors, marine audio, and video accessories. For more about Epsilon Electronics. They believe their business is growing by innovation, mainly technological, and possess surpassed their customers' expectations thus acquiring their loyalty.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. has several mandates but one from the most importantly they think in continuously increasing the value of products for his or her customers. This is done throughsurpassing their potential customers' expectations each year with products which outperform the past year's model.

One with their competitive advantages is they have an in-house research and team. This allows Epsilon Electronics Inc. to pay attention to what their customers' wants and needs are.

In the 30 years Epsilon Electronics has been around business, they have got always were able to keep their customers in mind and surpass their expectations. In 1996 Epsilon took over as second U.S. manufacturer to penetrate the automotive video industry. They then started competing over a global scale and have captured a large amount in the global market share especially when it comes to the younger demographic.

One of Epsilon Electronic Inc.'s largest contracts has been multiple Japanese brands for example Kenwood. This kind of contracts helps the company become more innovative and push their boundaries simply because they know the automotive marketplace is very competitive.